Best Down Pillows In 2021 – Comprehensive Review For Top 8 Picks

The best down pillows are everything you imagined and dreamed about how your pillow should be. Many people spend a lot of time in choosing their pillows wisely, as we do spend ⅓ of our lives lying down in bed with our pillows.

Down pillows are usually softer, cosier and are great to hug and cuddle through the night. Whether you’re a side, back or even a stomach sleeper, you will still be able to easily feel the difference between a down pillow and a regular pillow.

Since you are on this post, I’m sure you are putting in effort to find the best pillows for your sleep. We have written a comprehensive guide on the Best Pillows, which covers all of the best pillows in different circumstances and we placed an essential guide for buying the best pillows too. 

Criteria To Consider When Looking At A Down Pillow

Types of Down Pillows


This type of down pillow is without a doubt amongst the finest of all of them. It is also the one which is priced at the highest cost because the quality makes it very expensive. The latter is brought by the larger clusters as well as the significantly higher fill power which is better than the one found in duck models.

Now, it is worth noting that Hungarian geese usually grow a lot larger than the geese which are found in China as well as in Canada and Siberia. This is why the goose down produced from those animals is considered to be the best. What is more, farmers from this part of the world also take pride that they sell a very high-quality type of material.

Duck Down

When you purchase a duck style option, you should know that this is a great choice and it provides a lot of quality but it’s more affordable and budget-friendly. This is also why the quality is a bit lowered. This is because the actual clusters in ducks are rather smaller than those which are found in geese.

This means that the pillow is less resilient and it definitely has a rather shorter lifespan. These are definitely a great purchase and an option for the average consumer because they bring tremendous quality at a much tolerable and affordable price point.

Down Alternative

Now, down-alternative pillows, as you can imagine, mimics down very closely but this could be quite misleading. The fill that characterizes down-alternative pillows is man-made. It is synthetic, and it is made out of polyester microfibers. Of course, this is not the cheaper polyester-fill counterpart.

This is a higher quality fill, but it’s still not as convenient as regular and authentic down. This doesn’t really mean that you should rule these out. They do not stand as bulkier as authentic down but are still very comfortable.

Understanding the differences between the types of down pillows are vital. 

In fact, understanding what are the different pillows available in the market is important too. You can check out our article on the best down, feather and alternative pillows too, and see how we compared the best down pillows, feather pillows and alternative pillows. 

Sleeping Position


Stomach sleepers benefit the most out of this particular type of pillows. This is mostly because the loft is lower and softer and it is going to adjust to your rather unusual sleeping habits, making this a great choice.

Since sleeping on your stomach is pretty damaging to your body, you need a suitable pillow to help alleviate this problem. If you are a stomach sleeper, I would highly encourage you to check out the Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers, and choose a suitable one. There are several features that are only present in pillows made for stomach sleepers too for providing the best comfort. 

Side Sleeper

The truth is that side sleepers don’t always instantly appreciate the down feather pillow. This is because their sleeping position places their head a bit higher off the surface and the pillow is not capable of providing the same amount of support.

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers are usually fairly well content with using down pillows because it would offer a proper spinal alignment.

If you have problems with your back, I would highly encourage you to get the Best Pillow for Back Sleepers. In fact, we have comprehensively explained what are the types of pillows for back sleepers and what are the important factors to consider when buying a suitable pillow as a back sleeper. 

Fill Power

The fill power is a common term that you are likely to encounter quite a lot when you read reviews of the kind. To put it in a nutshell, this is going to determine the longevity and the quality of the pillow. It indicates the amount of cubic inches of space an ounce of down clusters are going to be occupying. The more they are – the better, as obvious as it may sound.

Thread Count

While the fill is important, it is also critical to take a look at the cover of the pillow. This is where you’d find terms and buzz words such as thread count, for instance. Thread Count is a measurement which is designed to record the smoothness as well as the roughness of the surface of the cotton. The more the thread count increases, the gentler and more comfortable the surface actually is.


The cover is quite important, and it is most commonly made out of cotton. This is the finishing touch of the down feather pillow which is also going to play an instrumental role in delivering the quality and the cloud-like sleeping sensation of the pillow. This is why you should take it into consideration.

Ease of Cleaning

Out of sheer convenience, you need to be well aware of the ways that your down pillow could be cleaned. Starting off with the most exquisite type – goose down pillows – these can’t be cleaned with a regular washing machine. They should be dry cleaned and, if we have to be honest, it’s best to rely on professionals to prevent ruining the product. You should also make sure that you are aware of the way they are dried as well.

Top 8 Best Down Pillows

1. Continental Bedding Premium 100% White Goose Pillow


  • 20” x 30” Queen
  • Premium 100% White Goose Down
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 400 Thread Count
  • 550 Fill Power
  • 27 oz White Goose Down
  • Made in the USA
  • RDS Certified


This down pillow is a rare find, upon sleeping on it, you will be thrilled. It is soft, yet not too squishy to sleep on to provide you with the support you need. When sleeping on it, you won’t feel any feathers poking out like many other down pillows out there, this allows your head to settle gently into a cloud, you will often find yourself being like a cat circling in for a nap with this pillow.

The way Continental Bedding makes sure that the feathers don’t poke out is by using a 100% Egyptian Cotton material at 233 thread count. Besides being able to prevent poking feathers, it also contributes to providing a luxurious feel as it adds another layer of freshness and comfort.

With 550 fill power and 27 oz of white goose down, the firmness and thickness are made sure to provide the right support you need especially if you are sleeping on your back or side. Besides that, this goose down pillow is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for you if you have allergies and it will last for many many years to come.

Being a USA-made pillow, the Continental Bedding’s White Goose Down Pillow is very promising when it comes to longevity. There are many happy and satisfied users that go back to the reviews and commended about its durability. This down pillow doesn’t go flat, it is easy to maintain and the reviews indicate that this pillow will be able to last for years without a problem.

Now, you can pamper yourself with this soft goose down pillow. Besides providing great comfort, this pillow will also allow a wide variety of choices for decorative purposes. So if you have a fancy decor in your room, this pillow will not disappoint in terms of visuals too.

You will like this product if

You are looking for the best bang per buck. Though it isn’t priced as low as many other down pillows on this list, the price is still very very reasonable considering the features you will be enjoying while sleeping on this pillow.

You want a premium product. One of the reasons why it is priced higher is due to its goose down composition. You know you will be getting a premium product when you see a down pillow being advertised as having a 100% goose down composition as most down pillows tend to mix down and feathers together.

You might not like this product if

You want a firm pillow. As this down pillow is made out of the finest and most soft feathers, it will flatten quite a lot. If firmness is what you want, it is perhaps better for you to opt for something with a high fill power.

You want an odourless pillow out of the box. There are some reviews that mentioned a faint odour upon receiving it. However, this isn’t a huge issue as the odour should fade away in a short time, or you can just put them in the dryer to speed up the process.

2. Puredown Natural Goose Down Pillow


  • 5% Grey Goose Down
  • 95% Grey Goose Feather
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 18″*26″*2″ (Queen)
  • Certified by OXIPOWER


Sold in a set of 2, these top-rated fether pillows contain 95% goose feathers and 5% goose down and are designed to provide medium firmness. These pillows come with a 100% cotton outer shell, which explains why it does a great job in preventing feather pricks.

Featuring a diamond lattice quilting and brown piping, it is no wonder the Puredown Natural Goose Down Pillow comes in such elegant visuals. As you can imagine, these pillows can be covered with pillowcases to modify their looks too if you want its appearance to blend in more with your room’s decor.

There’s good news for you if you are a green shopper, these pillows are recyclable and eco-friendly, perfect for you if you shop eco-friendly. These pillows are great for you if you are looking at a variety of sizes as it comes with standard, queen and king sizes.

Besides that, these pillows have a 2-inch loft as well, so they will be a good fit for you if you are a stomach sleeper as it will provide you with the support you need for such sleeping positions.

A feature about Puredown that’s worth commending is that it offers a generous 30-night sleep trial and a corresponding return policy with upon purchase of their pillows. If you decide not to keep their down pillow for any reason, you can opt to ship it back to them for a full refund although you might not use it as the comfort of the pillows will not give you a reason to return it.

You will like this product if

You want a very durable down pillow. Unlike many other down pillows within this price range that loses their semi-firm feeling and just go flat. With this down pillow, your head will sink a little but not all the way, and the best thing is that it will probably be that way for a long time.

You want an affordable down pillow. Countless reviews have complimented how amazing these pillows are for the price of only under $50. Though it doesn’t come with a very high percentage of down, it still does a great job in providing you a cloud-like sleeping experience.

You might not like this product if

You are a light sleeper. Some reviewers have mentioned that they find the noises from moving on the pillow annoying perhaps due to the lower down percentage. However, this is a very subjective matter as there are also reviewers who find the subtle noise from this down pillow comforting.

You want it to be fluffy immediately out of the box. These pillows come in a vacuum seal, so don’t expect it to come fluffy out of the box. It is best to give them several hours for better results and perhaps 203 hours of sunbathing regularly for healthier use.

3. Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow


  • 75% Down
  • 750 Fill Power
  • 45 oz Fill
  • 500 Thread Count Cotton Cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 20 x 36 inches (King)
  • Dry Clean Only


With this down pillow, you will be able to drift off to a heavenly sleep as you cradle your head with a 500 thread count barrier weave that’s magnificently sheen. A higher thread count per square inch of fabric makes it elastic, loftier, and fluffier.

This 500 thread count also shields against allergens and dust mites. All of Royal Hotel’s Down Pillows undergo factory-sealing in an elegant zippered package. Besides acting as a shield against allergens and bed bugs, this cotton cover helps to prolong the natural life of the pillow by protecting them from saliva, perspiration, grime, and liquids. It is also edged with double silky piping designed for robust, aesthetic look and a cleaner finish that is perdurable.

The hypoallergenic down pillows add an elegant of luxurious and comfort to your bedroom. Seeing that it packs 75% down and 25% feathers that sprout from a central quilt position in cold climate birds known for weightless and fluffy filaments.

The structure captures a lot of air which gives it its insulating properties. This down pillow contains massive down clusters with a higher fill power for improved insulating and diminished weight.

Featuring a fill power of 750, this down pillow boasts first-rate quality in for the long term. With 45 oz fill, it has a natural spherical shape with better loft. This 45 oz will provide you with a firmer, warmer, and lighter down pillow. It makes it firm and supportive with a cushy feel that is perfect for space-like sleeping.

Besides providing great comfort, this luxury down does not tear, fray, or shrink prematurely. It is affordable and dry-cleanable. The cotton cover does a great job in providing a cloud of comfort as it is lightweight, slick and breathable.

You will like this product if

You are looking for a plush down pillow. Royal Hotel’s down pillow has a fill power of 750 and 45 oz, this ensures that it is loft, fluffy and firm for supportive sleep. It cradles your head every night as you drift off to sleep to feel like floating on a cloud.

You are looking for a luxury down pillow. There are many great down pillows out there, but few of them make it to becoming a luxury down pillow. One of the biggest indicators is comfort and down ratio. With a 75% down ratio, you will be able to feel the down’s softness, breathability and insulation besides from great comfort.

You might not like this product if

You want easy care and maintenance. Perhaps one of the biggest downsides to this luxurious down pillow is that it is not machine washable. For cleaning purposes, it is best that you send it to be professionally cleaned as it can only be dry-cleaned.

You want a very soft pillow. If a soft pillow is what you want, Royal Hotel’s down pillow might not be the best option for you as many reviewers find the pillow to be slightly firmer than what they expected.

4. WENERSI Premium Goose Down Pillows


  • 15% White Goose Down
  • 32 oz Fill
  • 100% Cotton
  • 20×28 inches
  • Imported
  • 4 lbs Item Weight


WENERSI down pillows offer various levels of fill weight to customize the perfect sleeping experience. With a suitable weight and a loft for all sleeping positions, it will be a great choice for you and your family to sleep on.

This company specializes in down/feather bedding products and have been in the industry for 15 years, they own many innovative patents and certifications so you can rest assured when buying this product as you are in safe hands.

WENERSI offers a soft and firm choice of down and feather filling in this style pillow. This pillow is made specifically to feel like a traditional down and feather pillow that can be used by just about anyone in almost any sleeping position.

The 32 oz fill may be slightly above average, but it distributes nicely and does not inhibit how shapeable this pillow really is. This allows you to get the comfort you need exactly where you want it to be.

According to past reviews, this down pillow surely does a great job in providing the support that you need. Only by experiencing yourself at how this down pillow conforms to your weight and doesn’t loft up around your face or head and distribute outwards, you won’t be able to fully understand the hype behind this down pillow.

With regards to the care and maintenance of this down pillow, you may spot clean the pillow. However, if you want to ensure its long-lasting comfort, it is suggested that you only dry clean your pillow.

Because of that, it is best that you consider getting a pillow protector or a pillowcase to protect your down pillows. No matter how careful you are, you will shed skin cells and oils during sleep, and that can accumulate upon your pillow over time. Therefore it is best that you get a pillowcase or a protector to ensure its freshness for the years to come.

You will like this product if

You don’t want to spend too much. For under $65, you will be getting yourself a down pillow that will be as good as a $300 down pillow stuffed with 100% goose down in terms of comfort and support. Though it doesn’t come with a very high down ratio, it still is able to deliver what a luxury down pillow is able to, but at a lower price.

You want a firm pillow with great support. Perhaps the main concern when it comes to down pillows are that many of them get too soft and become flat the moment you rest your head on them. According to the reviews, there is no need to worry when you’re using this down pillow as it literally adjusts to your head and neck and stays that way throughout the night.

You might not like this product if

You want a luxury down pillow. Unfortunately for this price, you won’t be getting a very high down to feather ratio, this pillow comes at only 15% down composition.

You are a light sleeper. Looking at the reviews, there seems to be crackling noise being produced from this pillow. So if you are a light sleeper and your sleeping environment has to be absolutely in pin-drop silence for you to enjoy your sleep, this might not be the best down pillow for you.

5. JA Comforts Goose Down and Feather Bed Pillows



  • 5% Down
  • 37 oz Fill Weight
  • 100% Cotton Cover
  • 233 Thread Count
  • 28” x 20”
  • Machine Washable
  • 90-day trial period


If you are shopping for a down pillow but you have a tighter budget, the Goose Down and Feather Bed Pillows by JA Comforts might be a great choice for you seeing that it is available for under $40.

These pillows are sold in either 1 or 2 packs in both Queen and King sizes. Because they sell primarily on Amazon, they offer a generous 90-night sleep trial wich each of their pillow sets.

Additionally, they offer up to 3 years worth of warranty coverage for their pillows. Now, you know you are in good hands when a company offers such generous offers in giving you a sense of security when purchasing their products.

This goose feather down pillow by JA Comforts contains 95% goose feathers and 5% goose down, it comes with a 233 thread count cover which is made out of 100% cotton. This pillow provides great cushioning and is very soft to the touch. The 100% cotton cover is light and airy enough to ensure hot hair doesn’t get trapped within the pillow.

The manufacturer also paid extra attention when designing this cover to be extra durable to prevent quills from poking out and causing discomfort to you when you have your good night’s sleep.

In terms of maintaining its shape, these pillows perform rather well in this category because they are designed to be a comfortable option for any sleeping position. You should only hesitate to buy this down pillow if you are a stomach sleeper as it might be too tall for stomach sleepers.

When it comes to care and maintenance of this down pillow, it will be a breeze as it supports machine washing and drying. Unlike many down pillows, you won’t have to send it to be professionally dry cleaned anymore.

You will like this product if

You are on a tighter budget. Down pillows usually come at a higher price, this one comes at a lower price perhaps due to its lower down to feather ratio. However, do not let this low down to feather ratio trick you into thinking that it is a low-quality product. Many reviewers have complimented about its comfort and reasonable price tag.

You want easy care & maintenance. This down pillow is surprisingly machine washable unlike most other down pillows on the market. This means that you won’t be spending more money to get it professionally dry cleaned as you can wash and dry them at home with ease.

You might not like this product if

You want a very soft pillow. There are some reviews that complained about this pillow is too hard and doesn’t feel like actual feathers. It was mentioned that the inside feels a bit harder and stiffer than a usual feather pillow would feel like.

You want it to be odourless out of the box. Down pillows often come with a slight odour when you take it out of the box, just leave it for a few hours and it should be good. Because it is machine washable, you can dump it into the washing machine to wash and dry it to speed up the process.

6. L LOVSOUL White Goose Down and Feather Bed Pillows


  • 3 Chambers Design
  • Outer Chamber 100% Goose Down
  • Inner Chamber 10% Goose Down
  • 20x28Inches
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • 1000 Thread Count


This down pillow is made from a combination of soft, super-plush down and more supportive and firmer goose feathers. This blend ensures that you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries you expect from the down material. The addition of feathers ensures that you will still be getting the necessary support.

Perhaps the feature that stands out the most is the 3 chamber design by L LOVSOUL. These chambers were designed to best execute the down pillow’s combination of down and feathers. The top and bottom surfaces of the pillow features the softer down material. That way, your head is always resting directly against that cloud-like surface.

The 3rd chamber of the down pillow, serving as the core, is its layer of firm goose feathers. This ensures that once you lie your head on the down pillow, your head will gently sink into the down material. Your head and neck will remain supported by the core of the pillow so you’ll never leave your bed with neck or shoulder aches due to a lack of support.

This pillow is put together with an aesthetically pleasant looking silver-grey piping around the edges of its 100% Egyptian cotton cover. This not only adds to the visual appeal of the product, it also adds to the durability with double-needle stitching.

L LOVSOUL’s goose feather and down pillows are dry-cleaned only so you might not be able to wash them with your conventional washing machines at home. This product does come with a generous 30-night satisfaction guarantee, so if you order the pillow and find out later that it’s not the one for you, you can return it for a full refund.

You will like this product if

You want a plush pillow. Most people find it difficult to find that perfect pillow with good neck support. Perhaps the reason is due to the 3 chamber construction, this construction is special to L LOVSOUL where it utilizes the feathers and down to provide you with the best support and fluffiness if can possibly offer.

You always switch between sleeping positions. If you are a stomach sleeper, or you often switch between sleeping position during your sleep, there’s no need to worry whether if the pillow will suit you or not. No matter what sleeping position you have, it will be able to provide you with the support you need.

You might not like this product if

You want a very durable down pillow. There have been reviews that complained about the down pillow for not being to last for more than 1 year. This is a very subjective area as it depends on how you treat your down pillows and how often do you wash them.

You want easy care and maintenance. This down pillow is not machine washable, so for cleaning purposes, you would have to send it to get professionally cleaned. However, this wouldn’t pose such a big issue to you if you get a pillow protector and cover.

7. PALAWRAN Goose Down Pillow


  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • 1200 Thread Count
  • White Goose Down Insert
  • 700 Fill Power
  • Medium Firm
  • 20 x 28 Inches
  • Machine Washable


The PALAWRAN Goose Down Pillow is firm with a 700 fill power. It is comfortable so you can expect to have a cosy good night’s sleep with this one. As you lie your head on this down pillow, you can expect it to reshape itself while you sleep but bounce back as soon as you live your head for the day.

In terms of the materials used, this one is unique as it has a blend of softness and comfort. This down pillow is hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for you if you have allergy issues. This filling is consists of goose feathers and microfiber to ensure that it is fluffy and offers full support to your head at the same time.

This down pillow will be excellent for you if you experience head or neck aches. If you often wake up with head or neck aches, it is probably due to poor pressure points coverage from your mattress or pillow. This down pillow does a great job in moulding itself around your head to make sure all your pressure points are covered for easy release of pressure.

If your sleeping position often varies, this down pillow will be a great option for you as it provides enough support to all sleeping positions. Featuring a 1200 thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton cover, you know that the pillow is going to be cool, breathable and static-free.

This pillow will arrive flat vacuum sealed, it will take around 24 hours for it to become fully fluffed. Besides that, the company also offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee should you find that this down pillow is not the right one for you. You know you’re in the right hands when the company offers such an offer to provide its customers a sense of security.

You will like this product if

You switch between sleeping positions. Most of the time, you have to take your sleeping position into account when looking up for a new pillow. For this case, there is no need to worry about your down pillow not providing you with adequate support as this pillow is designed for all sleeping positions.

You want easy care & maintenance. This down pillow is machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about sending it to a professional cleaner to get it dry cleaned. You can also use this to your advantage to speed up the fluffing process by dumping your down pillow to the dryer immediately after you’ve unpacked them.

You might not like this product if

You want a very soft pillow. This down pillow doesn’t have a very high down to feather ratio, therefore it will be a little firm for some of you. There are also reviews that complained about barely feeling the feathers.

You want your down pillow to fluff up straight out of the box. Like most down pillows, they come vacuum packed. Therefore, it will take around 1 day for it to fluff up completely. However, you’re not stuck to this, because the down pillow is machine washable, you can dump it in the dryer to speed up the fluffing process.

8. Egyptian Bedding Luxury Goose Down Pillow


  • 750 Fill Power
  • 50 oz Fill
  • 80% Down
  • 1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Cover
  • 20 x 28 Inches (Queen)
  • Hypoallergenic


This is a down pillow you shouldn’t miss out on. This down pillow is all that you ever need from a pillow, but more. It practically exceeds all expectations and are above standards for most of the features you should be looking for. The best part? It is just half the price of most down pillows with this down to feather ratio of 75%.

With a 50 oz fill weight at 750 fill power, you should expect nothing less than a fluffy, thick and super comfortable pillow that keeps you comfortable and sleeping soundly through the night. The other factor that contributes to your good night’s sleep is that the pillow must be hypoallergenic, check! If you suffer from allergies, this is a good buy for you.

With a 1200 thread count for the Egyptian cotton cover, you can imagine how good it’s gonna be to sleep on. Most down pillows come with a cotton cover that has a thread count of around 250, but this one has 1200. You know that you’ll be sleeping on a cloud every night upon purchasing this down pillow.

Egyptian bedding’s products are proof that you don’t need to break the bank for great quality products made from premium materials. This down pillow is medium-firm, which makes it great for all kinds of sleeping positions as it will be able to provide you with adequate support.

In terms of durability, Egyptian bedding makes sure to keep its products competitive in this category as well. By looking at the reviews where most customers have left generous ratings and comments for this down pillow, it should be a pretty sturdy pillow. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect this goose down pillow to last for many years without any worries.

You will like this product if

You have a tight budget. For under $50, you will be getting a down pillow with a down to feather ratio of 75% and a cotton cover with 1200 thread count. Talk about value, there aren’t many companies that can match Egyptian Bedding’s offer.

You appreciate great customer service. Should you feel unsatisfied with the down pillow, you can ring the manufacturer up and they will try to rectify the situation for you. A few customers were very impressed with the customer service, thumbs up for Egyptian Bedding.

You might not like this product if

You want it odourless straight out of the box. Like most down pillows, there’s an odour to it upon unpacking the pillow. Just let it sit around for several hours and the odour should dissipate.

You want warranty coverage. One of the main reasons why this down pillow did not make it to the top 5 was because of this. Most companies offer warranty coverages for their down pillows but Egyptian Bedding seems to lose out in this category.


Are down and feathers the same thing?

Down and feathers come from exactly the same place: a goose or a duck. Feathers are the outer covering of the bird; they make it possible for the animal to fly, and they contain quills. Down fibres lie beneath the protective feather covering of the bird.

Which is better down or feather?

Feathers come from the wing and back feathers of the bird. They have a flatter structure than down, with a quill running down the middle. The heavier structure of feathers can provide a pillow with better support for longer. The more down a pillow contains, the more expensive it will be.

What is the difference between goose down and duck down?

Geese are typically larger than ducks, therefore making their down clusters larger. Larger down clusters equals higher fill power, resulting in a fluffier pillow. Availability – In general, duck down is also less expensive because the supply is much greater than goose down.

Is down warmer than feathers?


Are birds killed for down feathers?

Although the down feathers of various species of wildfowl, gulls and other seabirds have historically been used for insulation, most now come from domestic geese. Some 70 percent of the world’s supply comes from China, typically from birds killed for their meat.

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