Best Air Mattress of 2021 – Our Top 10 Choices

Contrary to common misconceptions, modern air mattresses can be very durable. Be it a day bed or every night bed, air mattresses are sure to provide many well-supported rests. With thousands of options out there, we know it can get extremely confusing to pick out the right air mattress. It is most definitely not an easy task, and we understand that frustration!

The great news is our experts have done all that nitty-gritty work, so you don’t have to. I have conducted extensive reviews and shortlisted the top 10 best air mattresses you can find here on the web.

 What Makes a Good Air Mattress?

So what makes an air mattress good? Below are a few factors that you need to consider before purchasing an air bed. 



Traditional air mattresses are made of stretchy types of plastic called vinyl, which were not very durable. However, modern air mattresses now come with reinforced materials that keep it leak-proof and much more comfortable to sleep on. 


Most air mattresses also come with special finishing on top which improves grip, so you won’t slip and roll off the mattress. The soft velvety top also means you can skip the bedsheets!


It is better to go for models that feature non-slip bottoms. Most air mattresses come with rubber spots at the bottom that ensure the mattress does not slide or flip over easily so you can have a care-free snooze. 



There are two types of inner structure design: beams or chamber. 

Chamber offers superior comfort as they distribute weight better than beam type. Chamber type mattresses also reduce airflow inside that can cause unpleasant cold air rushes. It also provides better support so that the mattress does not sink in the middle, resulting in better sleep for couples. 


Smart Pumps

The air mattress is essentially air wrapped in a thin piece of fabric, which makes it highly susceptible to punctures and leaks. Nobody likes to wake up on a half-deflated mattress or worse, on the floor. 


However, this will not happen with a secondary smart pump. These mattresses can automatically self-inflate when it detects air loss to maintain your firmness setting, so you can have a comfortable sleep throughout the night. 


Top 10 Best Air Mattresses 

Now getting on to the exciting part, here is a list of the top 10 air mattresses available in the market along with their reviews. 


1. King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress

King Koil Air Bed

When you think of King Koil, you will surely think of their famous innerspring and memory foam luxury beds. Little did you know that they’ve also extended their expertise to create on-the-go air mattresses. This top luxury air mattress is backed by the International Chiropractors Association for its fantastic back support and good posture promotion.


Unlike regular mattresses, King Koil uses a soft flocking layer which includes a built-in pillow. Though a thoughtful invention, I found the in-built pillow to be a little too low. Nevertheless, it is still a very handy option for light packers on their camping trip. Surely nobody likes having to lug a bulky pillow throughout their trek.


King Koil uses ComfortCoil technology in their air mattresses and has done a fantastic job in mimicking the superior comfort of a real mattress. The coils were able to ensure the mattress maintained both shape and firmness through proper weight distribution. Despite the firmness, the air mattress gently molds to your body and helps to relieve pressure points.


The air bed is extremely sturdy and you won’t feel as if you are floating. The medium firmness of the mattress is particularly fantastic for spinal alignment. You will feel the comforter contour around your body instantaneously as you lay down. This is a major feat for an air mattress as it offers undeniably superior comfort. 


Additionally, the mattress has an extra-thick waterproof comforter layer on top. It is specially quilted and designed to provide superior spinal support. This is a nice feature as many air beds are notorious for giving backaches. 


The mattress has an in-built electric pump that can inflate the entire mattress in less than 3 minutes. Once fully inflated, the mattress is 20” thick, this deep compression allows the mattress to support up to 600 pounds in weight meaning it can easily carry the weight of two fully grown adults or three younger kids. 


The materials used to make the air mattress was one of the highest quality. I could really feel the difference compared to other air mattresses. The thick side flocked fabric is puncture-resistant, so buyers can be rest assured that the mattress is less likely to suffer leaks. 


As reassuring as this is, it is always advisable to have an additional layer of padding beneath the mattress when you bring it out for camping. One can always do with an extra layer of protection – better safe than sorry! 


The King Koil Luxury Raised air mattress has definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort. This is an affordable solution and the bed itself comes with a 1-year guarantee. This reputable brand also offers excellent customer service, our readers were able to receive a replacement very quickly. 



High comfortable top finishing

Extremely comfortable

Great for spinal alignment

Endorsed by International Chiropractor Association 

Quick inflation and deflation

Quality material



In-built pillow a little too low

2. SoundAsleep CloudNine Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep designs their air mattresses to offer firm support throughout the night to provide the best possible rest you could get on an air mattress. Their products are made of puncture-resistant and eco-friendly material with a long shelf life for maximum durability. 


The sheet fitting on SoundAsleep CloudNine Series air mattress was soft and velvety, which made it very comfortable to sleep on even without a bedsheet. However, if you do decide to use a sheet, make sure you get the deep-fitted ones as the CloudNine Series air bed is 19” thick when fully inflated. 


A common downside when purchasing air mattresses is the lengthy and tiresome need to pump air in. No worries though, the CloudNine Series air mattress comes with its own pump that can inflate and deflate the mattress under four minutes!


CloudNine Series features an auto-off pump that comes with 3 comfort level settings (Firm, Plush, Soft) for you to choose from. Once selected, the auto-shut pump will automatically switch off once the desired firmness level is achieved. Just plug the cord into your electric outlet and let it do its magic. 


The integrated dual smart pump technology runs silently and continuously to ensure your mattress stays firm throughout the night. You are sure to have a soundless and well-supported sleep all night long.


The mattress uses ComfortCoil Technology with I-Beam coils that are able to deliver a flat and firm sleeping surface. This technology ensures weight is equally distributed that will not sink in the middle, making it perfect for couples.


The raised “double-height” with dual chamber construction of the CloudNine Series air mattress ensures sleepers are far away from the cold hard ground. The bottom of the mattresses is equipped with “Sure-Grip” rubber which prevents unwanted sliding so you can have uninterrupted rest. 


I was doubly impressed by the quick deflation process. The built-in pump was able to completely deflate the air mattress in about three and a half minutes. All you just have to do is roll it up and store the mattress in the SoundAsleep storage bag that comes along with it. Storage is very easy and makes the air mattress very portable. 


On top of the durable and puncture-resistant material used to fabricate the air mattress, SoundAsleep provides valued consumers with a 1-year warranty on all their products. You may call or email any time as their friendly customer service operates 24/7. 


I did notice the air mattress sagging a little on my first trial, however, it is well noted that SoundAsleep’s mattresses are made of eco-friendly PVC which naturally stretches after a few uses. So, if you do notice a small amount of air loss, you could try to inflate and deflate it a few times for the material to stretch out and fully block out any microholes. 


If you are looking for a temporary sleeping arrangement to accommodate guests or the kids, this would be a worthwhile investment. 



Comfortable sleep

Integrated dual pump system 

3 different comfort level settings

Quick inflation and deflation

Pump is 20% quieter than ordinary air pumps

1-year warranty



Size does not fully measure up to a Queen size as the sides bulge out

Requires an electric outlet for both inflation and deflation


3. Coleman Airbed Cot

For avid campers who love the outdoors, the Coleman Airbed Cot most definitely needs to be on your To-Pack list. The product has special stilts to lift the mattress away from sharp rocks and sticks that could potentially puncture your mattress leaving you with cold and spiky sleep. 


Despite the complicated design, the Coleman Airbed is actually very simple to set up. There are no assembly or special tools required, the cot simply opens up. Inflation of the air mattress takes a little under five minutes utilizing 4D batteries to power up the pump.


You would want to make sure you set the tent on a flat surface if you plan to take the Airbed Cot with you during camping. If there are holes or uneven surfaces, you might run the risk of getting your tent ripped from the legs of the cot. However, you could also prevent that from occurring by placing a tarp on the floor of the tent as an extra layer of protection. 


It is noted that the Coleman Airbed Cot includes optional cup holders attached to the sides. These come in especially handy to hold your morning coffee and a convenient space to keep small easy-to-lose items like your keys or cell phone.


The mattress features ComfortStrong coil construction to provide a well-supported and comfortable sleep, especially after a long and tiring jungle trek. The durable steel frames are capable to support up to 600 pounds, meaning this mattress can easily fit two people of considerable weight. 


The cot and airbed can be separated to double the sleeping space. Despite having 8 steel beams below it, I could not feel the support bars when resting on top. It felt somewhat like laying on a hammock. Though it is not the most comfortable option, you can easily add a sleeping bag or bed sheet to soften things up. 


The excellent Airtight System really does a great job of retaining the air throughout the night. Since the mattress is elevated off the ground, the chances of it getting punctured are reduced significantly. With the Airtight System and no-leak guarantee, you can sleep soundly on a well-supported mattress throughout the night without having to worry about deflation.


I also noticed that the mattress and cot offer excellent edge support even after I deflated the mattress a little bit. The cot’s sturdy construction makes up for the air loss from the mattress. The height and edge support mean the Coleman Airbed Cot is an excellent choice for the elderly or people with mobility issues as it makes getting in and out of bed much easier. 


Some of our readers found that the airbed and cot was a little heavy to transport but this is simply because it’s made with good quality beams, so it is very sturdy. The mattress does come with its own storage bag which has wheels so you will be able to transport it with ease.


The rubber mattress occasionally rubs against the metal bars causing some popping sounds. However, that was quickly solved by adding a cover sheet over it! All-in-all, it is definitely one of the best air mattresses you could get especially if you love camping. 



Leak-free Airtight System

Quick inflation

Comes with own storage bag with rollers

Height is suitable for people with mobility issues

Can be separated to double up sleeping space

Durable steel frames can support up to 600 pounds



Tendency to be noisy when moving around

Heavy and bulky to transport

Steel legs might rip the tent if placed on uneven surface


4. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattresses are among the top most popular brands for air beds. The air mattress features ComfortCoil technology that has 40 quality air coils that work similarly to the innerspring coils of regular mattresses. These coils keep the bottom and top layers firm, hence reducing bouncing or drifting effects.


The ComfortCoil technology ensures no unwanted bulges occur once the mattress is fully inflated while also reducing sagging so you can have a comfortable and well-supported snooze. Quality is the top priority for SoundAsleep and the company carefully picks out quality material used in their products, so customers can be rest assured that they get the best bang for their buck. 


The in-built high capacity pump makes inflation and deflation effortless with only 1-click. The integrated pump also works to automatically pump in air once it detects a loss in air pressure with 20% reduced noise compared to other mattress pumps. This means you will be getting a peaceful and comfortable sleep throughout the night. 


The Dream Series mattress is a 19” double raised air bed that makes for easy transition getting in and off the bed. This assists in relieving pressure off your back and knees, making it very suitable for the elderly or people with mobility issues. 


People who have once purchased air mattresses will know that traditional air beds tend to move and glide around when placed on a smooth surface. SoundAsleep has employed a patented “Sure-Grip” technology that ensures the mattress is firmly held down. 


These suction grips can be found at the bottom of the air mattress that pushes the mattress firmly on the ground. This way, your Dream Series mattress does not easily slide or drift when you sleep on it. 


The Dream Series mattress also features a dual-chamber construction so it does not lose air easily. This special construction means the mattress can support weight of up to 500 pounds without breaking a sweat. 


The airbed is fabricated with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. The multilayer flocked top is waterproof and puncture-resistant. The thicker edges ensure the mattress is well supported and does not sag even after frequent usage. 


It is clear that the benefits that SoundAsleep Dream Series mattresses offer surely make it a worthwhile investment for anyone. If you’re looking for something more premium, you may want to consider the SoundAsleep CloudNine Series mattress.



Integrated 1-lick pump for easy and quick inflation and deflation

ComfortCoil technology

Sure-Grip suction bottoms



Tendency for PVC material to stretch

Requires power outlet for both inflation and deflation


5. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress 


At first glance, a fully inflated Queen size Lazery Sleep air mattress measures at 78”x 58” x 19”. It is a very tall mattress that keeps you off and away from the cold hard floor. Our readers also find the height fits perfectly with their sofa turning it into a comfy extension for movie marathons or sleepover parties. 


The extra thick multi-layered flock top of the air mattress improves durability with added comfort. The material is puncture-resistant and waterproof so you can even have a worry-free snacks and drinks session on top of it. As for the bottom, there are rubber grips that prevent slipping and can easily fit up to 500 pounds of human weight without any issues. 


One of the best features of the Lazery Sleep mattress is the advanced ComfortCoil Technology that comes with 40 top air coils in dual chambers for superior comfort. Furthermore, the mattress has 7 different settings to provide optimal firmness level suited to each individual. If you have frequent backaches, this innovative technology may just be an ideal option for you. 


For convenience, the mattress is provided with a corded remote control for easy set up. The firmness level is also shown in LED at the side of the mattress so you can adjust it during the night with no trouble at all. This way you are sure to get a well-supported sleep throughout the entire night!


In addition to the above features, I was equally impressed with Lazery Sleep’s powerful built-in pump that not only allows for extremely quick inflation, it is also 20% quieter compared to ordinary air pumps. You can easily and quickly pop out a fully inflated mattress in less than 4 minutes.


Some of our readers found the product with minor leaks which caused the mattress to deflate overnight. However, the air mattress comes with a 1-year warranty and amazing customer service. They were able to receive prompt support from the manufacturer and managed to get a replacement very quickly. 



Extremely comfortable

7 Firmness Levels Setting

Comes with Corded Remote Control

LED Firmness Level

Quick inflation & deflation

20% quieter air pump

1-year warranty



Tendency to move around the floor

Air in chambers can get chilly

Power outlet required for both inflation and deflation


6. AirExpect Inflatable Mattress


The ergonomic AirExpect mattress is one of the top-rated airbeds in the market. The mattress has a height of 19” once fully inflated, this sits you up off the floor making it easy to get in and out of bed. The raised edges help to prevent rolling off the bed on top of providing extra support so you can rest comfortably. 


Albeit a little loud, the built-in electric pump with integrated controls can fully inflate and deflate the air mattress under 3 minutes – this is definitely a well-noted accomplishment that puts it ahead of its peers. The air bed also has a plastic valve that you can open to inflate or deflate the mattress should you find yourself without electricity. 


AirExpect mattresses boast their duracoil technology that has 40 internal air coils to provide extra support. The top of the mattress is made of thick, waterproof quilted material so you can have a comfortable and well-supported rest on it. 


The mattress is also able to support a weight load of up to 660 pounds, a feat that is among the top of its competitors. You can comfortably rest two heavy adults on the mattress without running the risk of the air bed deflating. Additionally, the air mattress also comes with 6 vinyl patches in case of any unfortunate minor leaks. 


On top of that, AirExpect offers the longest warranty periods among many manufacturers of up to 2 years and will even provide a full refund within 30 days. This goes to show just how confident AirExpect is with their product quality. The company also has customer service on standby 24/7 so you can expect support services any time of the day. 



Quick and powerful electric pump

Duracoil technology construction

Can support up to 660 pounds

2-year warranty

30 days free return



Not ideal for tall people

Electric pump may be loud


7. Zoetime Upgraded Queen Air Mattress


Zoetime brand is among the few new mattress manufacturers who have just hit the market. This newcomer has quickly gained attention due to their high statistic of very positive reviews. The air mattress is priced reasonably for highly durable and leak-proof material even after heavy usage.


The air mattress comes with a 20” height once fully inflated. It is the optimum height for easy transition to and off the bed. Zoetime mattress is the perfect home use bed for families with elderly, friends, and it is also fun for kids! 


Zoetime air mattress boasts a multilayer soft top flock finishing that allows for a very comfortable sleeping experience. Supported by 42 stretch air coils and pillows, the air mattress is extremely stable and it can cater up to 500 pounds of weight. The double-layer construction also ensures that the air mattress can maintain its form well without any sagging. 


It is noted though that you should avoid sleeping on the edge of the airbed as they provide less support compared to the middle. So though it may not be suitable if you’re thinking of sitting on the side of the mattress to tie your shoelaces, it still does work well as a temporary seating area before you head off.


The mattress features multiple suction holes at the bottom that provide a safe grip. As you lay on the mattress, the weight and air pressure will cause the suction cups to be firmly held down on the floor so the mattress won’t slip and slide off easily.


The built-in 120V AC pump that comes along with Zoetime air mattress allows sleepers to quickly inflate the mattress to desired firmness level in approximately 4 minutes. The mattress also features a small compartment to store the power cable so you won’t need to leave it tangled on the ground. 


In the event where you’re nowhere near a power source, the air mattress has a manual valve so you can still inflate it using an external pump. This feature makes it suitable to be used for outdoor activities, such as camping. 


Zoetime mattresses are made of high-quality material that is easy to clean. The waterproof material makes it easy for a simple wipe down to clean off any dirt. The soft flocked top finishing helps to keep the surface dry on top of providing a soft and comfortable rest. 


A convenient carry bag is provided for all Zoetime air mattresses for easy storage and transportation. You simply need to just fold, roll, and store the airbed into the bag. Zoetime offers a top-class 2-year warranty and lifetime support to maintain their satisfied customer base. Whether you plan to use the air bed indoors or for camping, you will not go wrong with this one! 



Very durable and high stability

Lightweight and easy storage

42 Stretch coils

Extremely comfortable

Super-fast inflation and deflation

Multiple bottom suction holes

2-years warranty

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use



Less support on edges


8. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person TPU Air Bed


The Lightspeed Outdoors TPU air mattress has been one of the top choices among campers for its difference in weight, durability, and temperature. This air bed is super-lightweight without compromising on support. They are perfect for traveling and camping as they can easily be folded and packed into overnight bags. 


The size of the mattress is slightly smaller than a queen, however, it is lined with soft fabric to prevent slipping. The mattress features a tufted construction that prevents the mattress from moving around in addition to creating airflow for better sleep comfort. 


The mattress comes along with an in-built battery-operated pump that was able to quickly inflate the mattress just under 4 minutes. This is a very convenient option as you then won’t need to search for a power outlet, you just need to bring along some 4D batteries.


Unlike other air mattresses, the Lightspeed Outdoor mattress is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The TPU allows the mattress to be temperature stable so you won’t get sudden chills during your sleep. On top of that, it is also less stretchy and more durable than conventional PVC.


The mattress is provided with good quality seams and tight fabric. It even has two handles at the corners so you could easily lift the mattress around. Definitely a nifty feature for people who love camping. 


When the mattress is fully inflated, it does get pretty comfortable. The Lightspeed Outdoor mattress comes with a stabilizer system that allows the bed to be controlled for comfort. You’re able to adjust the firmness level depending on your sleep preference. 


Even though the mattress is meant for two, I did find it to be a little snug for two full-grown adults with limited space for movement. However, it is the perfect size for children and allows plenty of room for single users.


I also noticed a little off-gassing odor coming from the mattress once it was all set up. The smell comes from the soft fabric used on the mattress. Nonetheless, the odor was gone by the time morning came, so it should not be a major concern at all. 


Another advantage of using TPU mattress is that it makes cleaning-up very easy as the material is not as porous as other fabrics. It carries the advantages of plastic material without the horrid plastic smell. You can just wipe it down and leave the air bed under the sun for a few hours before storing it away.


The Lightspeed Outdoor mattress, true to its name, was made for outdoor activities as it comprises of really thick and quality material. You don’t have to worry about the mattress being prone to punctures when you bring it out with you. The mattress does really well for travel and camping. 


In conclusion, this air bed ticks off all the boxes for what makes the perfect camping air bed. It is durable, lightweight, comfortable and easy to set up. This is a great purchase for someone who needs a quality air bed without breaking the bank. 



Lightweight and portable

Temperature stable


Quick and easy inflation and deflation

No plastic fumes



Size a bit small for two fully grown adults


9. Active Era Premium Air Mattress

Active Era

Active Era is well known for their specialized products which are multifunctional, suitable for both professional and recreational use. Made of high-quality materials, this durable air mattress is one of the most popular products in the market. 


The Active Era Premium mattress comes with a powerful integrated electric pump that can quickly inflate and deflate the mattress under 3 minutes. This makes setting up the air bed a breeze.


The mattress comes with 35 structured coils strategically placed throughout the mattress that can evenly distribute weight so you won’t feel any sagging, especially in the middle of the mattress. This means the comfortable air bed is able to provide good stability for your back muscles and spine.


For good measure, Active Era air mattress features a built-in raised pillow for that added neck and head support. The raised edges also work well to prevent accidentally rolling off the air bed making certain that you get a very good night’s rest. 


Made of 15 gauge puncture resistive material, the Active Era air mattress is an excellent choice for outdoor activities. This comfortable and stable air mattress is fabricated with an extra thick and waterproof flocked layer on top. The multilayer design means the mattress is not easily susceptible to general wear and tear, thus improving durability. 


In contrast to the comfortably soft flock finishing top, the bottom is made of leak-proof and sturdy material that can be used on hard and uneven grounds. So you can bring your Active Era out with you during travels or camping. 


The firm and stable construction allow the mattress to take up to 500 pounds of weight so you and your partner can rest comfortably. The Active Era air bed also features a raised high top making it much easier to maneuver on and off the bed. 


I was especially impressed to find that the Active Era mattress remained fully inflated even after being used for a week. However, I did notice that the mattress can get a little chilly at night, this makes it the perfect option for when you want cooler sleep during the hot summer season.


Active Era includes a carrier bag which is convenient for storage and transport. Although, some users have noted that it takes a bit of time to fully deflate the air mattress to get it to fit into the bag. All-in-all, that’s just a very small factor against the many benefits the Active Era air mattress brings to the table.




Stays fully inflated for a long period

35 structured coils for better support

Sturdy material suitable for outdoors

Easy inflation



Mattress can get chilly at night

Slight difficulty to fully deflate mattress


10. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress 


If you’re looking for a temporary sleeping solution, you may want to have a look at the Insta-Bed Raised air mattress. Right off the bat, this mattress stands pretty tall at 18” to ease getting in and out of bed. The mattress is made of poly-filament webbing and can support up to 500 pounds of human weight.


The general concern when purchasing an air mattress is the lack of comfort during the night. However, you will find 35 circular coils with additional vertical and horizontal reinforcements to accommodate the support needed. This gives the mattress a comfortable sleep surface, you can almost feel as if you’re sleeping on a real mattress! 


The Insta-bed features a NEVERFLAT Constant Comfort technology that is aimed at providing comfortable sleep that won’t go flat. The NeverFlat series comes with a dual pump that silently pumps in air when it detects a loss in pressure. This means you will be able to have a well-supported sleep throughout the night without worrying about the mattress deflating.


The built-in pump allows for very quick inflation and deflation of under 4 minutes. This quieter pump technology offers a 20% noise reduction when compared to regular air pumps. One of the highlights is that the mattress has a special compartment to stash the power cord once you’re done using it. It is certainly very neat and handy especially since you don’t want power cords running all over the floor. 


The air mattress has a flocked top consisting of small fiber particles, these work to ensure your sheets don’t slip off. The mattress also has lips around the edges to properly hold your sheets, such that they won’t come off during the night. 


On a side note, I did notice a soft whine coming out from the secondary pump that keeps the mattress inflated throughout the night. So, I would advise for you to sleep with your head away from the pump to experience uninterrupted sleep.


Some readers also noticed the mattress was prone to air leaks, however, the mattress has a 1-year warranty and they were able to get a replacement. Some readers have even successfully fixed it instantly through a little D.I.Y with rubber tube patch kit glue. 



Height makes it easy to get in and out of bed

NeverFlat pump ensures the bed is consistently inflated

Fitted sheets stay in place

Comes with a convenient carry bag for storage and transport

Built-in compartment for electrical cord storage



Inflation and deflation requires a power outlet

Product is heavy

Secondary pump may produce soft whine sounds

Some pieces develop leaks


The Final Verdict


After going through a heavy debate session, our team has finally voted on the King Koil Luxury Air Mattress to be the best air mattress available in the market. I absolutely love how they utilized the ComfortCoil technology that transforms their air mattresses to mimic the comfort and support of a real mattress.


Being the only mattress in the market that is endorsed by the International Chiropractor Association has given me the extra boost of confidence that this air mattress will be able to provide the support our back and spine require to get a full night of restorative rest. 


To top it off, I could really feel that the material used to fabricate the King Koil Luxury air mattress was of extremely high quality. The mattress not only is durable and long-lasting, but it can also support up to 600 pounds of weight. This says a lot about the standards that King Koil has set for their air mattress products. 


Overall, you will be getting a great value for an air mattress that is luxurious and does an amazing job of imitating a real mattress. You can be assured that you will not go wrong with the King Koil Luxury Air Mattress. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are air mattresses suitable for daily use?

Air mattresses are generally not well known for good back support. While it is okay to sleep on an air mattress occasionally as a temporary solution, it is not advisable to sleep on it every day. Long-term use may lead frequent users to experience stiffness and backaches. However, new modern air mattresses have improved technology that is able to provide sufficient support. If you choose the right one, a good air mattress may even help alleviate some existing back problems.


Why does my air bed deflate overnight?

There are no guarantees that air mattresses are 100% leak-free. Air mattresses tend to deflate overnight due to their design, the surrounding temperature and also the pressure placed on the mattress. Air mattresses require some breathing space and you will lose a very small amount of air just by laying on it. If the air mattress is not allowed to breathe, the mattress may just explode when you hop on. The cold temperatures at night also cause the air inside to condense so the mattress appears to have lost some air. However, as the temperature rises in the morning, the air will expand back up to the original volume.


Why does my air mattress smell?

The odor that you smell from the mattress comes from the off-gassing process. This is when certain chemicals called volatile organic compounds, VOCs break down and form gases. Most of these chemicals are from the foam or adhesives used to hold the layers in your air bed. These VOCs generally dissipate completely within a few weeks.


How do I clean my air mattress?

Air mattresses are made of waterproof plastic. You can easily use a wet cloth to wipe down a fully inflated mattress to get rid of any stains or dirt. You may add a few drops of dish soap for extra cleaning power. However, avoid using brushes with coarse bristles or strong chemicals as you may ruin the mattress. Towel dry the mattress before deflating and let it lay out to dry overnight before you put it away.


How should I store my air mattress?

You need to fold the air mattress carefully as per the given instructions. An air mattress that is not packed correctly have a higher tendency to create small holes. These small holes will cause air leaks and the mattress will become misaligned. Careful packing will ensure a longer lifetime for the air mattress. 


Can an air mattress explode?

Although air mattresses are made of tough and durable materials, if the air mattress is forced to accommodate a pressure well above its intended use, the air mattress will certainly explode. Remember to inflate the air bed with the air pump that comes along with it or use a low-pressure inflator only. You need to also make sure that the air mattress is away from sharp objects and stairs to prevent the air mattress from bursting.


Why is there a hump on my air mattress?

These humps on the air mattress are caused by bubbles development. Bubbles can develop when you pump in too much air into the mattress frequently. The seams along the mattress are held down by glue and are not very strong, pumping in too much air will put a strain on it. Theses overly stretched seams will form bubbles in the mattress.


Can I use super glue on an air mattress?

When purchasing air mattresses, there usually is an option to purchase a patch kit that is suitable for that particular mattress. However, if you are not able to find one, you can consider using a bike tire patch kit. These patch kits can survive the pressure of riding on a bike, it most definitely will do well for an inflatable bed. If you find a tear along the seams, you can also apply hot glue to attach the seams back together. Caution! Do not let the hot glue tip come in direct contact with the material or you may melt the mattress. 

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