Best Bedroom Wall Décor and Art Ideas in 2020 – Let’s Spice Things Up!

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No one likes a boring and bare wall. In a lot of ways people live to have some kind of colors in their lives. You and we included.

If the walls have ears and eyes, its décor and art will be its cloth. It didn’t matter if your wall is filled with a splash of color. Or plastered with classy wallpapers.

A boring home may also mean a boring home. If you are the artistic kind, you may take advantage of the amount of white space you have. Make use of blank wall spaces as your own canvas.

Paint it with vibrant colors. Plaster it with pretty wallpapers. Hang decors or art pieces to your liking.


Giving your bedroom a makeover gives you a lot of freedom to choose what you can put on as wall designs. Here are some of the basics you should consider for your bedroom wall makeover.

Color Combination

Color combination is one of the easiest things to get started with on your wall makeover. You can choose to have a monotonous color, or several colors in a room at one go. Color choices can be anywhere from basic to ultra-bold and colorful.

At the same time, you can take into consideration whether if the room is for yourself, your kids, or you and your spouse.

After all, colors are the foundation to decorating your room.


Themes are resounding choices when it comes to renovation and home makeover. Bedroom wall makeover is no exception to that. Themes are a very good way to alleviate the atmosphere to your room, and there are so many choices to choose from.

Your room’s theme will also reflect your personalities as an individual or as a partner. It is a reflection of what you like and is a testament to what is in your mind. Choose a theme for your bedroom that best describes and fits you.


Patterns are another way to bring out the wall décor and artistic side of your bedroom walls. Walls maybe a canvas for you to splash your personalities all over, and patterns are a great way for you to reflect that.

There are so many patterns on the market to choose from. Each of them brings out a particular atmosphere for your room. It didn’t matter if you are choosing a pattern for your own room, or for your kids’ (if you have any). There is always a bit of something for everyone else.

Choosing your Bedroom Wall Décor and Art

Now that we have covered the basics of what you may need to look for, we can now get stared.


Colors are great way to kick start your room’s wall decors. Here are some common colors to consider.



White is perhaps the most common wall colors you can find in almost every home. It is the default painted wall color in every newly built homes.

Let’s say you wanted to decorate a plain looking wall, but you do not want to spend the extra money on paint. You don’t have to fret over the white walls dramatically as white is actually a very easy color to work with.

Although it is plain looking, white has its own charms. Pure and immaculate, it often is the choice of colors for many who do not like loud colors.

You can give it an elegant touch by putting up plenty of photo frames. Not only are you giving your wall a great service, but also having a trip down memory lane with your loved ones.

It isn’t just photo frames you can put up against a white wall. You can hang up a number of other wall decors against it as long as it looks good. What more white goes well with almost every other colors and designs.

The only problem with a white wall is that it is prone to discoloration or staining. If anyone accidentally spills anything on the white wall, or if you have a cheeky kid in the house with itchy hands, the stain can easily be seen.

Although that may be a downside, there is an upside to that also. You do not need to repaint the entire wall like specialized colors need you to. All you need to do is to get the same white paint to paint over the stain in order to cover it up.

Black and Gold


When people hear of using black as a wall color, people will see it as distasteful and scary. Not forgetting to mention how some people sees black and bad luck and hard to work with. It does hold a lot of negative and superstitious connotations to it.

Let’s say you aren’t someone who is superstitious. You are a bold, young person. You are not afraid to try new things. Hence, you have decided to choose black for your room’s wall color.

Having black in your bedroom may make it look inky and dark to look at especially at night. But hey, it does have its charms in all honesty. Brutal and ruthless in looks and feel, it is a color for the bold and brave.

If you ever find black as a bit too much to look at because of its eternal darkness, you can always throw in a 2nd color to ease the sights. Black may not be a good mix with another dark color most times. So, we’d recommend gold (or any colors in shades of gold) to alleviate your dark, inky bedroom.

Black with gold actually has a very classy feel to it. The color combination gives off a retro, 1920s feel. Powerful yet glitzy, it is a color theme that is befitting the young female girl boss. Substitute the black with deep blue you will have a room made for the winning male athlete.

People may say mixing up to 2 colors or more is risky and don’t work. They are wrong as some color combinations work like a charm. Black and gold are a fine color combination proof of that.

Yellow and Black

Yellow and black is another color combination that can bring your bedroom to life. There are 2 stereotypical ways you can see at this color combination.

One being that it is reminiscent of a yellow cab in a bid, metropolitan city. Buzzling with life and big city vibes, you can feel like your room is a city that is (not too) far away. Not a fan of the big, buzzling city? Maybe it may remind you of something else.

Something that is reminiscent of a summer day in a green field. One that evokes childhood and innocence. Think bumblebees and honey. Sweet yet incorruptible in all its own special ways.

Perhaps the reminder of childhood’s innocence or the big and busy city is not what you are looking into. You may be just someone else who likes yellow and black, hence combining the colors together.

Yellow and black color combination is a good one at that. Not forgetting to mention how it is bright and lively, with the right amount of earthiness. Which brings the color combination one of the snazziest and heartiest to speak.

Black and White

Black and white are basic colors, which brings your room back to basics. There are plenty of ways how you can utilize these colors to your room’s advantage. The most stereotyped design will be checkered or spiraled designs.

Checkered and spiral designs in black and white may make you feel dizzy (too dizzy in some cases). You may not feel comfortable with it, but strip-design it may be good. That way the close compartmentalization of the color combination will not give your eyesight a hard time.

If it helps for any, maybe instead of so immaculately painting your bedroom wall in black and white patterns, you can make use of upholstery to help with easing the color over. Meaning to say, you can throw in a black sofa against a wall section that has a lot of white. Or lay a couple of white throws and cushions against a black wall.

The other way to have a black and white bedroom wall is to have a section dedicated to the colors. You can alternate between having 1 black wall on one, and 1 white wall the next. Do this in alternating colors of black and white until you have a room that is fully painted with both colors.

We also suggest having just 1 sectional wall for such black and white wall designs. It’s an unconventional and uncomplicated wall décor suggestion, but it exists and it works. Having a section just for such design exudes class and elegance. It makes your room funky, and it is a good area for private reading or luxury time.



Industrial is not exactly color but neither is it a theme. We will put industrial under color section because of the shade it carries.

When we hear industrial room, we’d imagine one in a factory or laboratory. In a bedroom context, it means that your room is “left unfinished”. Or at least left to look that way upon completion.

Industrial wall décor has its own niceties. When decorated properly, your room can give other designs a good run for their décor. Industrial wall often gives way for people to exhibit any wall decors with metal. Think of wired or metal frames against the bare wall. Complete it with some faux pale flowers and your room will look just as pretty.

Want to bring your bedroom wall design to the next level? Add a lot of fairy lights. It makes your room look like something out of the industrial era. It gives a “love among ashes” kind of feel.

Industrial decors often are stereotyped as a guy’s room, but in recent time it has been taken over by the female population.

Want a more male or unisexual décor feel? Go steampunk. A lot of bolts and metals. Throw in a lot of darker and rougher colors and designs. Maybe add in a bit of leather here and there. Your room will be made to look like a steampunk heaven.


Now that we have touched on some of the color combination suggestions, we can now move on to themes.

Themes are interesting ways for you to reflect your personality. At the same time, it also reflects what you like as a hobby outside of work and friend circles.

Comic Book Geek Themes

Comic book themes are geeky in their own interesting ways. Perhaps it may come across as childish and gives a geeky feel, but we can assure you it is something that has been around for quite some time now. And no, the inhabitants of those rooms are not some greasy, basement dwelling neckbeards you’d often hear of.

As a matter of fact, given how in recent years we see a lot of superhero and comic book adaptations on the silver screens. With such adaptations on the big screen is sure to convert or bring out all the comic geeks.

They may not converge at comic-cons, but you can be assured that there are people who are big enough fans to turn their bedrooms into a geek den. Think of all the posters and figurines you will see. Those probably cost as much as a house, especially the limited edition ones.

Think of walls painted and designed in superhero colors (maybe even in Superman colors if we dare imagine). To some, it may come across as excessive and too obsessive. But hey they exists. They like it, so why not.

Another stereotypical wall design ala geek design is to have the comic strips printed out as wallpapers and plastered it across the walls. Heck, you may even be able to read the comics yourself if you have the patience to read the small prints.

Time Period (Historical) Themes

This come across as geeky sometimes, but in all fairness it has its own charm. Time periods is closely intertwined with historical, and to an extent, cultural periods. It is normal to see how certain cultural time periods is closely reminiscent of a certain time periods.

Want to go European? You will have plenty to choose from. Baroque period, perhaps? Enlightenment period? Classical period?

Regardless of which time period you wish to settle for, each as its own designs that are special to each time period. Each time period designs are special in their own ways.

We can assure you that choosing a time period wall décor will take your room for a travel back in time. It may make your room feel like a time capsule of some sort. Classical, elegant, and yet conventional.

You can be rest assured that with such wall decorations, you will never fail to impress. After all, as a theme it has never failed to impress anyone. It has stood the test of time and have pleased many people.

Funnily enough time period themes is a resounding and a popular choice not just in the bedroom but in a lot of other places too. But those are for another time.

Cultural Theme

Cultural themed decors and wall arts is another popular theme for people who love their own culture a lot. That or the fact that they really love or appreciate a culture that is not their own. Regardless of whether if the culture is yours to own or not, it will give your room the colorful touch you want.

Cultural theme wall décor and art is a bit hard to work with in a sense that some pieces may be a hit or miss. Plus some of the cultural pieces may not go well together with other cultural pieces.

The mismatch in cultural pieces may force you to change your entire room just for 1 culture. Or maybe you are not the kind of person who minds whether if the pieces and colors match. As long as it makes your room looks exotic, you’re totally cool with it.

On a side note though, we should mention how many pieces of cultural decors you may have in your bedroom at any given time. The reason why we brought this up is because of the maintenance upkeep.

Obviously the more cultural pieces you have, the more time you may have to spend in up keeping it. Nothing wrong with that unless you are not a huge fan of maintenance and spring cleaning.

Bookish Theme

book wall

This theme is (obviously) more popular among bookworms and people who are a huge fan of books. You may see wallpaper prints plastered against their walls. Some people went to the extent of buying or recycling old books to give their room a library feel.

We will be honest here. The design is definitely creative. It’s out of the world. BUT the setting up will take quite a lot of time if you are getting real books to have it set into your wall. It requires quite a bit of logistics there. It probably requires quite a huge sum of money for the mini renovation too.

The mini renovation isn’t just something that you have to take into consideration. Take into consideration how you have to keep dust away from the real books to prevent it looking like they have not been taken care of.

That and the fact that old books tend to flake if they are really old books. You will find yourself sweeping or hoovering away the book flakes quite frequently. It may even attract termites for all we know.

With all that being said, we’d say it is a pretty wall décor idea. It works for the young adult’s room, or for that person who is a bookaholic. Nothing spells homeliness like a room plastered with faux books.



Patterns are a great way to spice up the looks of your rooms. You can choose one that is chic, or one that is reminiscent of yesteryears. Choose one that gives off power vibes, or one that reflects your cheeky and playful personality.

Zig Zag

Zig zag patterns are known to give off an energetic vibe. Made for the young and robust person, it is indeed a pattern made for such people in mind. Thrown in a few colors and you can get an atmosphere of liveliness.

The pattern is one that is often chosen by the sportier people. Such that it reflects their activeness in the sports field.

Incorporate this pattern into your wall art. Mix it up with bright colors to amp up the atmosphere of your room. Decorate it with some mean looking shelves and photo frames. Your room will look like it’s stepped out of a young designer’s magazine.


Circular patterns may come across as confusing and dizzying to work with. We can assure you that it’s not. It has been around for a very long time. It works and it will still be around for a very long time.

We will recommend you to mix pastel colors with circular shaped patterns for your wall décor. Softer colors will soften the dizzy effects that are given off by the circular patterns. In a way, if you walk into your room you won’t feel like you have been assaulted by overtly bright colors and such circular motions.

The softer colors will help cut back on some of those mind-playing patterns.


diamond pattern

Diamond patterns have traditionally been an effeminate choice. The whole thing gives off a very effeminate vibe, and literally scream girl boss and retrofit. Nothing wrong with a guy choosing such patterns, just that it has always been chosen by the ladies stereotypically.

You can find diamond printed wallpapers charming, but the more daring ones will have it done in 3D. Or in any patterns or ways that makes their bedroom walls scream with class. Mix it with black and gold, you will get an instant feel of girl power.

In the same pattern will you see how it fits into the whole Great Gatsby vibe. Or anything that comes out from a 1920s retrofit era. Nothing wrong with a bit of dabbling in retro designs. It does provide people with a connection to the old times.

Sometimes if you feel having the entire room done in such pattern is too much, you can always limit it to just one side of the room. Have a section dedicated to a specially done patterned wall in your room.

It can be used as a special section for you to dedicate to your hobbies. Or it can be a section for you to dedicate it to your dressing tables. It really depends on how you use it, after all a section for a special wall décor will certainly catch your guests’ attention.


Angles is another wall décor choice good for your bedroom. You can choose to mix a whole lot of colors into it by your own choosing. It’s a pattern that’s good for your kids’ bedroom in a sense that it is neutral yet friendly.

Choose to have it made in velvety cushion to prevent your kids from hurting. Have it done in darker colors so your kids will not be able to stain it with stray paints and colors.

Not forgetting to mention how it is quite easy to clean as well. All you need to do is to run the hoover through the velvet cushioning, and you are as good as done. Most modern day velvet cushions are made to be easily cleaned anyway, so why worry too much.


In conclusion, the key takeaway here is that there are many kinds of color combinations, shapes, patterns that you can incorporate into your wall décor. Wall decoration may come across as difficult to work with at first, but to be honest it isn’t.

Wall decors is a matter of mixing the right colors and patterns to get the outcome you wanted. If you want to make things a bit more special, then maybe throw in a couple of themes to make your bedroom stand out.

Just remember that with the right amount of planning and designing, you will be able to get the right wall décor you have always wanted. Sometimes, some wall decors don’t even require a lot of your time and money to invest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: What can I use to decorate my bedroom walls?

There are plenty of things you can use to decorate your bedroom walls. You can choose to use paint or wallpaper to give your bedroom a new color (and hide old ones). You can also choose to hang a patterned rug or add a wall mural.

You can also choose to create a gallery wall or hang a room divider. There are so many possibilities. It all depends on what you are really looking for to decorate your room with.

Q: How can I match my artwork in my room?

The most significant piece of artwork should have a background color that matches your wall color. That way it can help make your favorite art piece stand out among the other artworks.

Remember to reference the color wheel when you are selecting complementary shades. That way your room colors will not look wonky and awkward. Or you can also use the same color, but in different shades. You know – different shades of blue, green, orange, red, purple, etc.

Last but not least, only choose wall art if that is the exact shade already of your room. That way, your room will not look out of place and weird to the looks when you walk in.

Q: What is the best wall color to display art?

We’d go with white but different arts are complemented by different wall colors. Bright or neon pieces stand out and works best against deep black or gray walls. If you are wary of painting an entire space with such a dark color, you can always paint just a single accent wall where the art pieces are hanging.

Q: How do I choose the right size art for my wall?

This requires a bit of math to calculate. It is the best way to determine the best size art work. We found out that if you multiply your wall space in inches by 0.57, you will get the size you are looking for.

For example, if your wall space is 24” wide, you should choose something that is no bigger than 13.5” wide.

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