6 Tips for the Perfect Bedroom Space in a Small Apartment

6 Tips for the Perfect Bedroom Space in a Small Apartment

Often a small space forces us to reconsider, re-group and re-imagine our possessions and how they can be re-purposed to create a perfect space.

The Tips to Perfect Your Small Apartment Bedroom

Control the Clutter

More than any other tip this will help your bedroom become a calming retreat:

Buy a hamper for dirty clothes, put clean items away and make your bed each day. 

This is the exact same thing your parents nagged about. Surprisingly, this chore has a very real psychological purpose. A tidy personal space reduces stress and increases your productivity because there are fewer distractions. Neatness can save you time and money. How much time do you spend hunting for your keys, wallet, books or whatever every morning? How many times have you bought a brand-new baby-blue tee shirt because even though you know you have one, you cannot find it? Clutter control is the answer.

Double Duty

Whether you live in a tiny apartment in Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park neighborhood or a huge suburban home, don’t forget to examine the furniture in your bedroom. Does each piece function in more than one way? It should. Nightstands that double as small dressers and dressers that can function as desks are easy ways to save valuable real estate in a small room. Do not neglect corners. With floating corner shelving that reaches nearly to the ceiling you can store books and jewelry; add triangular baskets and you can house socks and underwear for easy access.

The Closet

No matter how scary your closet may seem, be brave and tackle the closet demons. Take everything out of the closet and sort by season, style, or color. Find a system that suits your lifestyle and invest in flexible closet organizational shelving, brackets, and boxes. Flexibility is the key because you are then able to re-arrange as seasons change or your style of clothing changes. If a box says “shoe box” it is a reference to the size not what you can put in it. You will be more inclined to keep your bedroom tidy if there is a spot for everything.

Under Your Bed

Best friends with the closet demons are, of course, the monsters under the bed.  There is prime real estate under the bed. Measure the space under your existing bed and buy rolling tubs, available at The Container Store or Walmart, that will fit underneath. The space becomes a four-foot by six-foot storage area–perfect for linens, extra blankets, or seasonal clothing. In a small bedroom no space should be allowed to be wasted space. If you are purchasing a new bed, look for a frame with drawers built in.

The placement of the bed in a small room is predicated on the placement of doors and windows. Generally, the head of the bed is placed in the center of the wall opposite the entry door; in some cultures, it is believed one should not have feet facing the entry door. 

Go Vertical

Unless your bedroom has floor to ceiling windows on all four sides you have more storage spots than you imagined. Let your possessions become works of art. Hang decorative hooks for scarves, ties, belts, and jewelry at various heights to create an interesting pattern. Hooks can be made from a variety of objects; check out these ideas from DIY Crafts

Alternate the hooks with small floating shelves and you can keep your hat or purse collection within easy reach. Add a decorative box to a shelf and your cufflinks, bracelets and watches are safely stored. 

Keep an Open Mind

A small space requires an open mind when buying furnishings. For instance, a bedside table or nightstand made by a furniture company may too much room and be too bulky visually. Consider a rolling open shelved cart advertised for a bathroom or studio. Here is one from Michael’s that is available in 16 colors. A perfect place for a book and a glass of water on the top shelf and mail and important papers on the bottom two shelves. Mount a wall sconce behind the bed and a small spot becomes immensely useful and takes up very little floor space.

With a little creativity, thoughtfulness, and a few tools, your bedroom can become a restful jewel of space in your small apartment.

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